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Creussen Steinzeug im 17. Jahrhundert

15 October 2023

German Creussen stoneware objects of the 17th century

Museale Highlights mit Emailfarben bemaltes Steinzeug aus Creußen
Museum quality reference objects of Creussen saltglazed stoneware

The art of creating saltglazed stoneware drinking vessels with enamel decoration in bright colours was at it’s artistical hight in Creussen Frankonia (Bavaria) during the 17th century. Particularly characteristic of the stoneware objects of the golden age at Creussen is the colourful relief decoration depicting elector/electress, coat of arms, apostle, planet and hunting scenery. Elaborate and precious mountings emphasise the high esteem in which such vessels were held, which probably served representative purposes.


Museum reference:

V+ A Museum London

Krügemuseums der Stadt Creußen


Early Stoneware Steins from Les Paul Collection

Early stoneware steins from the Les Paul Collection: a survey of all German stoneware centers from 1500 to 1850.
Beatrix Adler

Frühe Steinzeugkrüge aus der Sammlung Les Paul. Early Stoneware. Steins from Les Paul Collection.
Beatrix Adler.

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