Fayence Bildtafel Künersberg ca. 1750

06 February 2019
18th century faience plateau kuenersberg ca. 1750

Rare Baroque Künersberg faience plate circa 1750. A very special 18 century museum piece painted by a HAUSMALER in Augsburg in brightly polychrome muffle-fired enamel colours.

Barocke Museale Künersberger Bildplatte mit profiliertem Rahmen um 1750, in Augsburg von einem Hausmaler in leuchtend bunten Muffelfarben bemalt.

Museum Reference | Metropolitan Museum |Stadtmuseum Memmingen

18th century Kuenersber Faience Plateau Stadtmuseum Memmingen
Künersberg Bildtafel um 1750 im Stadtmuseum Memmingen

Interesting reference piece in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Department of the Metropolitan Museum New York it shows the faience manufactury of Künersberg.



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