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Tag: Johann Georg Weiß sen.

Baroque Crailsheim Flower Tankard

Baroque 18th century Crailsheim Tankards depicting colourful flowers |Barocke Fayence Blumenkrüge aus der Manufaktur in Crailsheim mit leuchtend bunten Muffelfarben bemalt um 1760 The polychrome flower painting with muffle fired colours was probably introduced by former Meissen porcelain painters in the Crailsheim Manufactory around the middle of the 18th century. The Crailsheim flower tankards stand out with their fine and expressive painting with very thin contours in black-brown.Little is known about the Crailheim faience manufactory. It probably existed from ca. 1715 to ca. 1827. Source:...

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Crailsheim Jagdkrug um 1770

Crailsheimer Fayence Jagdkrug um 1770 mit bunten Scharffeuerfarben bemalt aus der Periode des Johann Georg Weiß dem Älteren. Crailsheimer Jagdkrug um 1770, der mit bunten Scharffeuerfarben bemalt ist, H. 22 cm Crailsheim Fayence Jagdkrug um 1770 Eine Besonderheit dieses Jagdkruges ist der breite Bandhenkel ähnlich bei Krügen aus der Bayreuther...

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