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Friedberg Faience 1754 - 1768

Fayence Objekte aus der Friedberger Manufaktur in Blaumalerei In 1754, Elector Maximilian III Joseph of Bavaria founded a manufactory for faience situated in the Friedberg Castle. As the manufactory only existed for a few years, the Friedberg faiences are extremely rare. Friedberger Teller um 1760 Blaumalerei mit Insekten und Blumen Museum im Wittelsbacher Schloss The blue painting of “Indian flowers” in the style of East Asian patterns was first adopted in Meissen and inspired various faience manufactories, including Friedberg. At the time Josef Hackel (1754 – 1758)...

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Joh. Andreas Bechdolff | Enamel Snuff Box

Zwei Ellwanger Emaildosen – Email-Tabatière um 1770, vom Haus- und Dosenmaler Johann Andreas Bechdolff in Ellwangen mit Jagd und Architekturmotiven bemalt. Ellwanger Emaildose mit Jagdmotiven um 1770, die von dem Haus- und Dosenmaler Johann Andreas Bechdolff in Ellwangen bemalt wurde, B. 8,5 cm A rare Ellwangen gilt-metal-mounted snuff box with hunting scenes circa 1770 elaborately painted by Johann Andreas Bechdolff. The inside and all outsides with various hunting scenes depicting wild boar, hound, deer and hunter. These jewel-like objects are immensely tactile and were...

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Baroque Faience Inkstand

18th century works of art Crailsheim faience inkstand ca. 1770 with hunting decor in highfired colours sides of inkstandwith houndscolourful hunting scene with hound chasing rabbit above a fox Hiding fox in the middle Crailsheimer Schreibzeug um 1770, Jagdmotive in bunten Scharffeuerfarben, B. 14 cm | Crailsheim inkstand ca. 1770 The inkstand can be attributed to the period of Johann Georg Weiss the Elder. A Crailsheim Hunting Tankard of the same period is shown in following article: Stadtmuseum...

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Creussen Stoneware Hunting Jug dated 1689

For stoneware lovers, the small Upper Franconian town of Creussen near Bayreuth has a well respected name. It is known for its splendidly designed saltglazed stoneware jugs and tankards, which were highly esteemed by princes and clergy. The dark brown ceramic objects are decorated with fine reliefs, accentuated by brightly coloured enamel colours. Creußener Hasenjagdhumpen 1689 datiert, mit bunten Emailfarben bemalt, H. 18 cm Spruch: „Drinck mich aus und schenck mich ein das du erfrischt das Herze dein“ Fotos Peter Vogt München Reference Objects Literature Reference Object Creussen...

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