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Friedberg Faience 1754 – 1768

Friedberger Fayence Jagdkrug um 1760 blaue Manufakturmarke CB

Fayence Objekte aus der Friedberger Manufaktur in Blaumalerei

In 1754, Elector Maximilian III Joseph of Bavaria founded a manufactory for faience situated in the Friedberg Castle. As the manufactory only existed for a few years, the Friedberg faiences are extremely rare.

Museum-im-Wittelsbacher-Schloss-Friedberg-Fayence-Teller-mit-Insekten-und-Blumen 18. JH
Friedberger Teller um 1760 Blaumalerei mit Insekten und Blumen Museum im Wittelsbacher Schloss

The blue painting of „Indian flowers“ in the style of East Asian patterns was first adopted in Meissen and inspired various faience manufactories, including Friedberg. At the time Josef Hackel (1754 – 1758) was in charge of the manufactory, this decoration was already produced in Göggingen and Augsburg.
The decoration of German and European flowers and insects in blue decoration only appeared in Friedberg after Josef Hackl’s departure in 1758.

Source: 200 Jahre Friedberger Fayence – Sonderausstellung zum 250. Gründungsjubiläum der Fayencemanufaktur Friedberg 2004 S. 32 + S. 73 (see literature at the end of the article)

Reference Objects of 18th century Friedberg Faience in blue and white

Museum Reference Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Tankard with pewter lid made in Friedberg, Germany about 1775 Mark: ‚CB‘ (for Chur-Bayern) under a crown,
in blue Inscription: I don’t ask for the running hare, anyway I already have what makes me happy and what I want to have! Tin-glazed earthenware C.232-1934 Pewter lid dated 1778.

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London,/0/default.jpg

  • Laufs wild bräth immer hin nach dem frag ich nicht vill: ich hab schon was mich freüd: und was ich haben will. (Painted on tankard)
  • ‚CB‘ under a crown (in blue)
  • 1778 / 3 [within a heart] / K TS [in monogram] with doves on each side of the heart, all between two branches of bay (inscribed on pewter lid)

Museum Reference Bayerisches Nationalmuseum München:

Friedberg (1754 -1768) Faience Tankard with hunting scene in blue painting. Hunter with a hunted wild boar. A hunter in contemporary dress sits on a raised platform with his rifle raised and a wild boar lying on his back in front of him.


Examples for Manufactury marks CB and CB below „Kurhut“ (Crown):


200 Jahre Friedberger Fayence – Sonderausstellung zum 250. Gründungsjubiläum der Fayencemanufaktur Friedberg