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Schlagwort: Jakob Fugger

Augsburger Silber Humpen um 1680

17th century Augsburg silver parcel-gilt tankard made by Daniel Schwestermüller Subjects chased in high relief representing part of the story of Augsburg; mid-17th century; mark of Daniel Schwestermüller (master 1673, died 1695). The goldsmith has incorporated reliefs of the late 16th century around the body of the tankard. With chased motif of a standing warrior with shield as finial Augsburger Silberhumpen um 1670, von dem Meister D. Schwestermüller Dieser teilvergoldete Deckelkrug aus dem 17. Jh vom Augsburger Silberschmied Daniel Schwestermüller (Meister 1673, gestorben...